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SCIP Experience
Keep yourself updated and motivated through the experience of others. Read about women who have successfully navigated their second career. Get to know the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.
Iravati Joshi
Project with Tata Motors Ltd., Pune
Tata SCIP has been a great launch pad for me to re-enter the professional sphere. Earlier, my decision to get back to work after a break of 3 years met with skepticism from family
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Juille Katkar
Project with Tata Trusts, Mumbai
Tata SCIP has given me back a sense of fulfillment and a purpose in my career after an extended break of 8 years. I took a break from my career as an HR Manager
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Neha Khanna | Consultant with Tata Services Ltd., Mumbai
Smita Pathak
Consultant with
Tata Services Ltd.
Tata SCIP helped me get a soft landing back into the corporate world after a break of about 6 years. I believe that motherhood is an important
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Raminder Mamick
Performance Portfolio Manager, Tata Communications
Tata SCIP is one of the true ‘2nd Career program’ available in India. Having been part of this program for almost 3 months now
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Parna Mishra | Project with Tata Motors Ltd., Mumbai
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